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Inclusion & Accessibility
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Digital Accessibility in Food Retail

Imagine if you were in a situation where it was not an option for you to go to a shop and a food retailer’s site was not accessible. People with disabilities deserve to have easy access to online groceries and meet one of their basic human needs.

Person shopping online on a clothes website

How to improve the accessibility of your e-commerce site

The popularity of online spaces has spiked in the last few years and given us the opportunity to buy and sell products and services easily, with faster than ever access to an increased number of options. However, people with disabilities find many e-commerce sites very hard to use.

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The Scoring System of Ireland’s First Monitoring Report

This blog offers a breakdown of the types of reviews performed and the scoring system used in Ireland’s first monitoring report, published in December 2021 by the NDA.

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1.4.11: Non-Text Contrast

Non-text Contrast is a WCAG 2.1 Level AA success criterion and states that user interface components and graphical objects should have a contrast ratio of at least 3:1 against adjacent colours.

Red emergency sign outside a hospital

Digital Accessibility in Hospitals

The number of people in Ireland living with a disability rises every year, but the ability of healthcare providers to meet their needs is not growing in turn.

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Digital Accessibility Laws Around the World

Although there are a number of places who have adopted different standards into their accessibility laws, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines remain the most well-known and have been named as the guidelines to follow in countries all around the world. This blog contains an overview of what digital accessibility regulations look like worldwide.