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Inclusion & Accessibility
IA Labs logo containing the Pride Flag colours

A celebration of diversity

Today marks the start of June, commemorated in many places around the world as Pride Month. In IA Labs we join in the activities with our progressive Pride Flag logo.

Android accessibility logo

Did you know every Android is accessible?

In previous blogs, we discussed the accessibility features embedded in iOS. Today we look at Android devices, which also have a variety of tools that improve accessibility.

Adela Buliman and Kyran O'Mahoney sitting in the audience of Accessibility Camp Bay Area. Adela is holding a mic to ask a question.

IA Labs at Accessibility Camp Bay Area 2023

On May 5th 2023, the IA Labs team had the pleasure of attending the 8th Annual Accessibility Camp Bay Area in San Francisco. In this week’s blog, read about the variety of talks they attended and their thoughts on the future of digital accessibility.

Cover for the Northern Ireland DAI report 2022

Northern Irish Digital Accessibility Index

This report was commissioned by sight loss charity ForSight NI, detailing how accessible Northern Ireland’s digital world is based on manual accessibility audits performed by the staff of IA Labs. Research and write-up of the index was carried out from July to December 2022 and it was officially released on 24th May 2023.

The letter A displayed in different serif style fonts

Atkinson Hyperlegible: The Accessible Typeface

In honour of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, read about Atkinson Hyperlegible, an accessible typeface inspired by Braille in this week’s blog.

Google nest mini and a phone displaying the Google Home landing page

How do smart speakers help people with disabilities?

Smart speakers are everywhere, and their increased prevalence in our lives has been nothing short of a game changer for people with disabilities.